Even the smallest things count: volunteering projects with DIY insect hotels and bird feeders

The adage that the smallest counts already applies in two areas:

If we shelter even the smallest animals like insects from the harsh weather in gardens and parks, we have already done something to protect the small insects responsible for pollinating flowers. When it is very cold or raining heavily, flying can become difficult and these tiny creatures become food for others.

Making an insect hotel is not difficult and can be a real team-building event in the life of an organisation or community. Just collecting the small parts can be a good activity, whether you go to the forest or the park. Insect hotels provide a good service almost all year round, but especially from late autumn to early spring. 

And if you’re looking to help out in your garden or nearby parks in the event of a harsh winter, homemade bird feeders can do the trick. Many times NGOs can’t find activities with useful outcomes to do during a team building activity.

Both of the above-mentioned things give a 2:1 result. It both brings the community together and helps wildlife at the same time. After all, there should still be a balance between humans and wildlife.  

We believe that every little initiative counts and that young people can be educated to do these socially useful things without being noticed.