The importance of wildlife in our everyday lives

The role of zoos 

Have you ever wondered what zoos are for? Besides, of course, to see exotic wild animals and learn about their feeding and breeding habits. Are zoos only a destination for excursions and weekend activities for the enjoyment of families, schoolchildren, and researchers? 

Zoos serve many more functions than this. Unfortunately, their essential role and function is not exactly what gets the media attention, but the often debated topic – why keep wild animals behind bars?

This is why it is so important that we get more volunteers to support our efforts and spread the word about why zoos are important to have and work in the first place.

There are currently many species around the world that are endangered. To combat this, it is important to raise awareness through various programs and collaborations to save wildlife species due to global warming, population growth, and the need for artificial solutions to increase their numbers. One such solution is zoos’ efforts to propagate species. In this regard, many European zoos donate specimens to African and other Mediterranean exotic countries.A few examples of the level of threat to some species. 

Black rhinoceros

Nearly 98 percent of the black rhino population became extinct two decades ago. Even though there are around 5,000 of them alive today, they are considered a critically endangered species and are under constant threat from poachers.

Amur tiger

There are only about 350-450 left in the world.

Bornean orangutan

The beautiful Bornean orangutan is very high on the endangered species list, with only 1,500 left.

Cross River gorilla

The Cross River gorilla, one of the rarest and most endangered species in the world, is now listed as critically endangered. Found mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Cross River Gorilla lives in an area surrounded by people and is slowly losing its habitat. Around 300 of them remain.

But we could also mention the Sumatran tiger and elephant, hawksbill sea turtle and many other animals. 

Our goal is to utilize volunteers to raise awareness in communities about the important role of zoos in species conservation.